Season One

This is Tristan

This is Tristan00:50
Meet our guy
September 28 2010

Episode 0: The Adventure Begins

Episode 0: The Adventure Begins03:00
Tristan moves in
October 06 2010

Episode 1: Under Our Control

Episode 1: Under Our Control02:53
He’s ours now
October 07 2010

Episode 2: The Week Unwrapped

Episode 2: The Week Unwrapped03:07
Facts of Life
October 09 2010

Episode 3: Pet Peeves

Episode 3: Pet Peeves03:16
Tristan gets a hamster and goes on a blind date.
October 11 2010

Episode 4: Dirty Work

Tristan works at the lunch truck.03:17
Being a weiner ain’t easy.
October 12 2010

Episode 5: Homesick

Tennis anyone?2:41
Despite all the fun, Tristan misses his family.
October 13 2010

Episode 6: Face to Face

Tristan getting clean.3:19
Tristan meets girls and gets a new haircut.
October 14 2010

Episode 7: The Week Unwrapped

Tristan works out with three personal trainers.
October 15 2010

Episode 8: Camera Shy

Tristan invites Jamie to dinner and gives his new style and cooking skills a spin.
October 18 2010

Episode 9: Comfort Zone

Tristan gets advice from an entrepreneur and steps outside his comfort zone.
October 19 2010

Episode 10: Girl Talk

Pool boy3:22
Tristan works as a “pool boy” and tries to get a second date with Jamie.
October 20 2010

Episode 11: Curve Balls

Tristan gets several surprises, including a video call from his ex.
October 21 2010

Episode 12: The Week Unwrapped

Tristan sees his experiences starting to pay off.
Oct 22 2010

Episode 13: Don’t Stop Dreaming

Tristan explores the music industry.
October 25 2010

Episode 14: Making His Move

Tristan tries to get comfortable dating on camera.
October 26 2010

Episode 15: Unexpected Guests

King of the world3:07
Tristan’s sister surprises him with a visit.
October 27 2010

Episode 16: Lizzie’s Revenge

Tristan makes a 1-minute horror film.
October 28 2010

Episode 17: The Week Unwrapped

Tristan prepares for Halloween and hosts an unusual couch-surfer.
October 29 2010

Episode 18: Bullseye!

Tristan has his first kiss on ControlTV.
November 1 2010

Episode 19: Training Days

Tristan considers a career in sports.
November 2 2010

Episode 20: Going the Distance

Tristan drives voters to the polls.
November 3 2010

Episode 21: Stand-Up Guy

Tristan performs a stand-up comedy routine.
November 4 2010

Episode 22: The Week Unwrapped

Happy Halloween!2:45
Tristan has a great Halloween week on ControlTV.
November 5 2010

Episode 23: Web Celeb

Tristan hosts a party for web celebrities.
November 8 2010

Episode 24: Host with the Most

Tristan interviews celebrities on the red carpet.
November 9 2010

Episode 25: Ladies’ Man

Tristan goes on speed-dates, a blind date, and tries his hand at modeling.
November 10 2010

Episode 26: No Pain, No Gain

Drill, baby drill!2:51
Tristan toughs it out through some painful and uncomfortable moments.
November 11 2010

Episode 27: The Week Unwrapped

Tristan considers all of the career possibilities that ControlTV has presented.
November 12 2010

Episode 28: Day-cation

Tristan takes a day trip to Santa Barbara and goes paragliding.
November 15 2010

Episode 29: Decathletes

Tristan competes in a (do)decathlon vs. production assistant Mike.
November 16 2010

Episode 30: 1,008 Hours

"Rock" on4:06
Tristan hosts a “Webathon,” wins the Fiesta, and bids farewell.
November 17 2010

    • Season 2 launching in Summer 2011. Stay tuned for more about our final two candidates, Kelly and Will!